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What makes me different?

My mission? To help you achieve your fitness goal and become a better version of yourself.

Dieting and training hard not only has benefits for your physical appearance. Making constant progress equals happiness. With my expertise about dieting, nutrition and training I want to help you improve your body. By making little progress, step by step, you will eventually grow confident.

I’m willing to listen carefully to your needs and lifestyle so we can build a healthy lifestyle around your daily activities and work on the physique that you desire. Beginner or gymrat? Doensn’t matter, I’m interested in getting to know you.

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Stop wasting time & start making results, learn my training methods & follow my personal workouts.

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The Quads Bible

  • Super in-depth guide on how to build quads (50 pages)
  • My personal experience (tips & tricks)
  • 12 Week Hypertrophy plan
  • 8 Different workouts
  • Pictures of all the exercises + detailed explanation
  • Different training methods covered
  • Learn the do's & don'ts
  • My go-to exercises
  • Learn how to compose your own routine

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Transformation Savannah Prez

Transformation Savannah Prez

This is my own 4 years transformation. When passion & dedication meet eachother, everything is possible. This is the result of hardwork in the gym along with a personalized diet plan to optimize your gym results. Start your journey today and let's make it a crazy transformation!

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Results of the BASIC program

Results of the BASIC program

This client came to me, she's a young mom and gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy. She had some trouble in losing the extra pounds after giving birth. We mainly focused on losing weight through changes in her eating habits. She has lost 9 kilos in just 8 weeks.

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Check up during her 12 week GYMRAT program

Check up during her 12 week GYMRAT program

This client wanted to lose weight and focus on getting stronger.

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Results of the 12 week #PrezShredChallenge

Results of the 12 week #PrezShredChallenge

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