From tough chick with braids on the court to fitness model.

Hi there, I'm Savannah. Welcome!

Who is Savannah Prez?

Yep, that's me

Since very young I have always been very passionate about sports. I loved trying out different disciplines and actually did quite a few (Football, Judo & Basketball) before figuring out my passion for fitness.

Long before fitness was in the picture, basketball was my absolute favourite sport. I have practiced it for over ten years and was as passionate about it as I am about fitness today.

But wait! Savannah? Aren't you only 5.2 foot tall? (160 centimeter)
I know right, when you think of a basketball player you don't expect a shorty on the court, put me next to LeBron and I would disappear in his shade.
But hey, this little shorty was rocking the basketball court. Not because I was the tallest one, but because I was always trying to figure out a tactic to bypass my opponent or outplay them and to be supportive towards my team. Every Saturday morning I would wake up at 7.00 to braid my hair and go out to do what I loved the most. Being on that court and getting my hands dirty.
After ten years of playing with different clubs and winning multiple championships on national level, I really wanted to challenge myself in a new way, so I decided to find myself a sport that would give me the same thrill.

In meantime a year had gone by and I had not been active to sports at all, I realized I had to pick up a new challenge before things would start escalating. Burying yourself underneath a pile of chocolate packings isn't exactly the best way to spend your time, or is it?

At that time (2014), the hype around fitness started increasing and it caught a lot of young people their attention on social media, including mine.
I saw pictures of female fitness models with a tight core, abs and a nice round shape on social media, I was hooked immediately. I decided fitness would become the sport in which I wanted to invest a lot of time and dedicate myself fully to, in hopes to become a fitness model myself.
(Note to girls: I think we all grow up with a childhood dream to become a model one day, no?)
I started my fitness journey going to a local gym 2-3 times a week but had very little experience with fitness and nutrition, hence I decided to get myself the help of a coach. Throughout my first years this helped me tremendously to get a better understanding of nutrition and the basic knowledge on how to perform exercises with a decent form.
Since playing basketball I have always liked to compete and put myself out there against others. After getting a better understanding of dieting and training my coach and I decided to work towards my first competition:  The National Championship of Belgium.
It was during this time that I was very fascinated to see how much impact we have on the way our body looks, simply by eating the right nutrition and putting in a great amount of work.
To this day it’s still what gets me motivated to work out, seeing yourself progress both short and long term is the ultimate satisfaction.
The small changes and baby steps (i.e: Trying out new exercises, hitting a new personal record, improving your form, …)  keeps you going but seeing your overall physique improve throughout the years is what makes you keep coming back for more.

Even though there’s a lot of envy and competition related to fitness, there is one thing I always kept true to myself: You can be you, the way you desire your body to be, without having to justify yourself to someone else.

I tell you, once you get started with your fitness journey it's not something you will wave goodbye at soon, it becomes a lifestyle, that betters your life style.

Now, four years into fitness, I have attended 8 championships (both national and International level) and I have the privilege to inspire over 500,000 people on social media to take action and work on a better body for themselves. I couldn't ask for more and I'm beyond grateful I get to do what I set my mind to.


During my fitness journey I have gained a lot of knowledge and studied a lot about fitness/bodybuilding and nutrition. My main goal now is to help as many people as possible to achieve their dream body or the goal they set for themselve.

My life motto to wrap it all up?

If you really want something out of life, it's yours for the taking but there is one condition tied to it: ONLY if you're willing to put in the right amount of time, effort and dedication that it takes to accomplish the goal you set.

Last but not least … Do it from your heart, do it because you love doing it. It will benefit you the most in the long run.
Much Love,

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