The Quads Bible

Take your quads to the next level using The Quads Bible. This is a downloadable E-book which serves you everything you need to know to build your quadriceps and maximize your performance in the gym. Learn the science behind building musclemass and how to make your own program to keep progressing. Never not prepared anymore!

Looking to build your legs?

I got your back!

Stop wasting time & start making results, learn my training methods & follow my personal workouts.

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The Quads Bible

  • Super in-depth guide on how to build quads (50 pages)
  • Gym based program
  • My personal experience (tips & tricks)
  • 12 Week Hypertrophy plan
  • 8 Different workouts
  • Pictures of all the exercises + detailed explanation
  • Different training methods covered
  • Learn the do's & don'ts
  • My go-to exercises
  • Learn how to compose your own routine

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So are you...

  • Struggling in the gym, not exactly knowing what you're doing?
  • Training hard but not seeing any results ?
  • Looking for help to sculpt your quads?

Then this guide might be everything you need to get started!


Just week one and my quads hurt soooo good!!

- Meg -

Hi Savannah,
I’ve just done my first training and I love it already!

- Lilit -

Hi Savannah,
I’ve been on the program now for a few weeks and I must say I love it!!

- Britt -

Just finished the training! After almost 2 years of training my legs have never been so pumped after a leg session!! Thanks a lot

- Sara -

Your workouts are so damn good!!! It’s been almost 2 years that I trained and I never felt so damn satisfied after a leg workout. It’s only my second week training with your program and I think at the end of the program my quads will be so amazing!

- Sandra -

Hi Savannah,
I just want to let you know that I’m really liking The Quads Bible! I’ve just done my first workout and after months of being stuck in the same routine, reps and exercises I’ve finally again a great pump in my legs!

- Stella -

The Quads Bible truly has give me such big boost! I’ve been training for 7 jears now very consistent. I’ve seen my body transform but since I’ve been using your training methods which you explain very in detail in the ebook, I’ve noticed my quads are so pumped and grew a lot!! Everything in the ebook is well explained and whether you want to learn more about the anatomy or training principles, you can find so much info which in addition is very easy to read and understand. In general I’ve benefited greatly and I’m super happy with all I’ve learned and the amazing results it has given me!

- Chaba -

I’m just loving The Quads Bible!

- Susan -

Who is Savannah Prez?

  • From tough chick with braids on the court to fitness model. Discover more of me here.

Is this book for me?

  • This E-book is suitable for men & woman who are looking to strengthen and build their legs (in particular their quadriceps).

What are the workouts like?

  • I followed a full routine of The Quads Bible myself: watch it here!

What will I learn?

Ever since I started fitness I've always been obsessed with muscular legs. I love to train quads myself and therefor dived deeper into this particular muscle group over the last years. I decided to bundle all my knowledge & information together in an E-book so you can maximize your performance in the gym too!
  • Learn the basic anatomy of the quadriceps, this is essential before you get started! Always know what you're training
  • Get to know the do's and don'ts about training your quads
  • The basics about hypertrophy training
  • Savannah's specific hypertrophy training methods
  • How to set up your own quads routine

What is included?

It wouldn't be an all complete E-book if I didn't provide you with a workoutplan. Besides a bunch of information you'll also get:
  • A 12 week hypertrophy trainingsplan (based on Savannah's workouts)
  • 8 different workouts - different levels
  • How to guide: Learn how to perform the exercises with very in detail information and step by step pictures

NOTE: This E-book does not include any nutritional advice except the basics you need to build musclemass!

Why you should get your Quads Bible?

Well, let me first start of with the fact you get over 50 pages very useful training information with a wide variety on topics. Besides, you're also provided with a detailed 12 week hypertrophy trainingsplan for only 24.99 euros which is not even half of one personal training session! Savannah already showed it's possible to get massive quads by just hardwork. Results are guaranteed, if you stick to your plan!

One time payment, forever yours!

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